NEW: ​Breakfast items available M-F until 3pm!

WalkAboutTremont- Oct. 7-8, 4-10pm

Buy One Get One Apps & Dessert! (this deal EVERY weekend!)

Grumpy's Clambake- Every Fri/Sat in October

Friday 11:30am-10pm, Saturday 4-10pm

why grumpy's?

Every day we make it a priority to serve FRESH food.  We believe that if you eat the right food- you feel good!  You will find dishes with colorful vegetables and local ingredients.  Our staff cuts each and every potato and cracks every single egg.  The bread is baked fresh every morning just for your plate!  Our family has a hand in every part of the business just to make sure your experience is worth coming back.  We treat our customers like family- so if you're out of coffee, grab the pot and start pouring!